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FYI: Tesla Makes Autopilot Safer, Smarter With Major Update?????
JackInCT - 13-9-2016 at 16:20

FYI: Tesla Makes Autopilot Safer, Smarter With Major Update

CNET.com article (09/11/16):

Rather than c & p it, use the URL; this article was written after a telephone call interview with CEO Elon Musk.

There were 2 paragraphs in this article that really grabbed my attention:

(1) ".....system is getting a major update that Elon Musk says could drop the accident rate by half." Me Here: So I guess half a loaf is better than none?????

(2) "However, perhaps the most important enhancement is a complete deactivation of the Autosteer system if the driver has been unresponsive to warnings. Musk said that if the driver ignores three warnings over the course of one hour, the system will completely deactivate itself until the car is parked and turned on and off."

I guess his idea/goal is '3 strikes and your out' [if you're not familiar with USA baseball idioms, my comment will not make sense].

So NOW an irresponsible driver has an hour to see whether he/she survives while being inattentive, or whether some unfortunate human along the way doesn't live to see the end of their day. Now, that's what I call progress-yeah right.

Of course, I fully expect that some USA govt official that taxpayers fund their salary for an ongoing monitor of this tech, will get right on top of this upgrade and order that this Autopilot feature be taken off the market until it's perfect--I, for one, am not holding my breadth.

LSemmens - 14-9-2016 at 00:56

I'd suggest that the three warnings in an hour would be more like "you've been warned - and responded three times in one hour, therefore - I'm not going to warn you again, you are on your own" I'm not so sure that the accidents were a complete failure of the autopilot system, rather a failure of the driver to do what was required to keep safe. If every car on the road had this feature then I'd suggest that the current accident rate (of all vehicles) will reduce considerably.