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12 year olds charged with rape!
LSemmens - 1-9-2016 at 08:47

Two 12 year old have been charged with rape of a 6 year old At 12 I was hardly interested in girls, let alone sex. This beggars belief. I wonder if these kids knew what they were doing. I also wonder how they even were aware of what it was they were doing. Fair enough, they need some form of punishment for their actions, but, I am not sure what would actually be appropriate.

Quaver - 1-9-2016 at 09:50

Too much TV or Internetwaggyfinger

Katzy - 1-9-2016 at 10:49

Oh, I knew about girls, by twelve, without a doubt. But, rape? Maybe they didn't know about that. I mean, how many parents think to mention that, during their "Birds and bees" discussion?

However, as the girl was only six, I can't even begin to understand what was going on, there.

Mind you, I may have mentioned that a sixteen year old lad, who lived down the hill from us, had been done for having sex with his eight year old sister.

Strange people about...

marymary100 - 1-9-2016 at 22:40

Sex at 12 is more common than you think. Sex below 10, not so much.

LSemmens - 2-9-2016 at 00:26

I'd not think of rape in conjunction with the birds and bees, either. It's a difficult one, because all children should be trained to respect other people, and rape is certainly not showing respect for another person. However, in this case, I wonder of the six year old a) knew what the boys were doing was wrong, b) knew enough to say NO, and c) was curious enough to participate given that at that age, kids do tend to be interested in other's "private" parts anyway. I'd have considered the 6YO too small "down there" for penetration, anyway, but, what would I know. Whether there was, or not, certainly the boys did wrong. How to prosecute a case against these kids, and what sort of punishment is appropriate us going to be an interesting conundrum.

Hopefully the little girl is not put through the trauma of a court room, and she might grow up with little effect from the ordeal.

Katzy - 2-9-2016 at 09:04

When I had mine, with my pseudo-daughter, I rather concentrated on the "In a loving relationship" part and related how boys might not always have that in mind.

She turned out OK. :D

scholar - 3-9-2016 at 01:52

One boy has been charged with four counts of aggravated sexual assault and two counts of sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 10 . . .
The other boy was charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault and sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 10

These sound like a pattern of horrible behavior to me, especially in the case of the first boy.

LSemmens - 3-9-2016 at 03:01

Problem is, Scholar, as you should know. One incident could give rise to several charges. F'rinstance - You are speeding along a highway substantially over the limit. The coppers book you with 1) Excessive Speed, 2) Failing to obey (a speed limit) 3) Due Care, 4) Dangerous driving. And all you were doing was speeding, so the number of charges may not necessarily indicate the severity, or otherwise, of the original offence.