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Honour killing
marymary100 - 17-7-2016 at 11:01

Celebrity no guarantee of safety

In Patriarchal societies men act out to prevent women from being their own best or worst selves. My s-I-l for example was the cleverest in her family and so was "allowed" to study to become a vet at Bagdad university but was prevented from working as a vet as it would not be "decent".

This story in the link is about Pakistan's "Kim Kardashian"-style celeb who has been murdered by her own brother because she brought the family into disrepute.


LSemmens - 18-7-2016 at 03:31

Absolutely medieval, Given the area, is it so surprising?

Katzy - 18-7-2016 at 09:45

Different culture.

"You've brought dishonour on the family, so you must die". Yet, killing your own sister, for whatever reason, isn't dishonourable?

Odd. Well, it seems so, to me. But, then, I'm not from that culture, for want of a better word...