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Wi Fried
LSemmens - 10-7-2016 at 11:17

Looks like our ABC got it wrong when discussing the potential problems with RFI WIFI may not be as bad as some critics claim.

Quaver - 10-7-2016 at 14:49

I was watching one of the earliest episodes of ER, and there was an enormous mobile phone which interfered with someone's pacemaker (implanted defibrillator) and caused a wheelchair to circle around by itself :D

marymary100 - 10-7-2016 at 15:02


LSemmens - 11-7-2016 at 06:28

Of course it was shows like that that would fuel the fire. Come to think of it. I was playing with a early ultra portable pc (running XP CE) and every time I opened windoze explorer the signal on my TV would go ape. The aerial is mounted on the roof and it is a proper RG6 shielded cable that feeds the set. Stupid thing is, it was only explorer that did it, IE worked as well as it could, given that somehow some of the settings in the embedded OS seem to have blocked google. I gave up on the thing as all it was intended for was to watch movies when SWMBO was in hospital. Given that I was having troubles getting it to do what I wanted, buggered if I was going to give it to 'er. She'd be on the phone to me every few seconds.