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Dou You have such vans where you are?
LSemmens - 28-4-2016 at 04:59

Wicked, camper vans is a business that targets the backpackers. Some of their slogans are downright Not PC, whilst others are just plain rude. Don you think that they should be banned?

John_Little - 28-4-2016 at 08:01

http://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/offensive-wicked-campervans-not-welcome-at-gold-coast-music-festival-splendour-in-t he-grass/news-story/4275465d1e7fa4ad298d26601cd4f0ee

Do you mean there?

No. Don't see the point of that. Why feel the need to upset anyone?

LSemmens - 28-4-2016 at 23:12

Thanks for that John, forgot a bracket.

waffler - 30-4-2016 at 16:36

way to much looks like something you would expect to see in california