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FYI: Virtual Reality--The Future Is Quasi-Here NOW
JackInCT - 19-4-2016 at 19:39

FYI: Virtual Reality--The Future Is Quasi-Here NOW

For those on this board who just can't restrain themselves from getting their hands on this tech, I've copied the first several paragraphs re a virtual reality "film festival" from today's NY Times article (04/19/16) re what's in store if they can only hold on a bit longer.

During two hours in the Virtual Arcade at the Tribeca Film Festival you can swim with whales, ride a dragon, become a rabbit, fly by Pluto and dodge spurts of blood unleashed by a machete attack. More exciting than any of those individual experiences, however, is the sense that you’re in a room full of possibilities and of creative people still in the early stages of figuring out what those possibilities are.

The arcade is where the festival is showcasing virtual-reality films, the still nascent art form made more accessible by a new generation of viewing devices that turn a movie into a 360-degree experience rather than something watched on a rectangular screen. Eighteen projects are gathered in a space at the festival hub downtown, and the sheer diversity is impressive. Especially if you’ve never watched a film in this format, it’s rather mind-blowing. But you may need a neck massage afterward from looking up, down and all around.

Two animated films, “Allumette” from Penrose Studios and “Invasion!” from Baobab Studios, are the crowd-pleasers, each a brief but delightful toe-dip into immersive viewing.

......A few explore the possibilities of interactivity, giving the viewer a role in the experience. “Dragonflight” (Blackthorn Media) allows you to climb on a dragon’s back for a fly-about; hand controllers let you scorch the landscape with fireballs if you feel the need.....

Me Here: it appears that personal fantasy "dreams" will have to do (fill the bill-as the only realistic viable alternative) in the near term.

The entire article (with other juicy tidbits re what it's like [as well as how it's done] to immerse oneself in these VR "films") is likely only to be available to subscribers of the NY Times but I suppose it's possible that there are readers out on the web that has Times' articles (try "Tribeca Film Festival Virtual Arcade" for the search words). Sweet Dreams--Have A Good Sleep!

marymary100 - 19-4-2016 at 19:56


Works fine for me. It seems both exciting and depressing in equal measure. There is a feeling that when we do this sort of thing we have amazing experiences but we have those experiences in increasing isolation.

LSemmens - 20-4-2016 at 00:24

I'm with you there, mary. I love the concept, but, as you say, we will be having the experience in isolation and that is not necessarily a good thing.