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The scandal of PPP
marymary100 - 11-4-2016 at 10:35

and school closures

PPP was a wizard wheeze whereby schools and other public buildings were built by business and then leased back to local authorities for oodles of dosh.

Teachers at the time pointed out the folly of paying for something over and over again while compromising on room sizes etc.

Well, blow me down, now they are not even safe and can be ...blown down. Who'dathunkit.


A total of 17 schools, including 10 primaries, five secondaries and two additional support needs schools, have been shut due to concern over the standard of construction.

They were all built under the same public private partnership (PPP) contract.

About 7,000 pupils are likely to be affected by the closures.
◾Why are the Edinburgh schools closed?

Parents have been left to make last-minute childcare arrangements.

The Goodtrees Neighbourhood Centre has also been closed.

Scotland's largest teaching union, the EIS, has called for a review of all PPP contracts in Scotland, questioning how such significant faults could escape building control scrutiny.

Now, to be frank, local authority heads should roll because they examined the plans and the works before accepting the builds. Someone, somewhere has been shoddy and incompetent.

Unless, of course, this is about politics and not safety.

LSemmens - 11-4-2016 at 11:42

Of course it was about politics. It amazes me that governments seem to think that selling an asset and then leasing it back is sound economic sense. Then you have these sorts of shoddy deals that turn round and bite you.

Katzy - 11-4-2016 at 20:16

It'll be that the contracts were given to companies which are owned by the councillor's brother-in-law's sister's aunt's butler.

Theravad - 12-4-2016 at 08:00

Originally posted by marymary100

Unless, of course, this is about politics and not safety.

The whole PFI/PPP think stunk to high heaven and why labour got behind it when in office befuddled me. Scotland was used as a leader in this initiative and has a disproportionate amount of these crazy contacts. The authorities need to grow some proverbial and renegotiate the contracts.