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Panama - less of a country, more of a corporation
marymary100 - 9-4-2016 at 16:55

So, I know this will amaze and astound you but apparently rich folks don't like to pay taxes. They circumvent their countries' laws and set up shell companies in havens like the British Virgin Islands or Panama to avoid paying what the "little people" have no way of avoiding.

The PM of Iceland has stepped down (temporarily according to him, permanently according to others) and there was a rather loud protest by people wearing Panama hats and colourful shirts today outside number 10. I should have done better

In whose interests is this leak of millions of papers filled with names of those rick folk?

Who really wins?

LSemmens - 10-4-2016 at 10:27

No interests are served. It's not as though these things are illegal. If any of us had that amount of money does anyone think that they'd not be looking to minimise their liability.