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Very Impressive Video Of The State Of The Art Of A Full Size Robot
JackInCT - 25-2-2016 at 17:12

Very Impressive Video Of The State Of The Art Of A Full Size Robot

Google-owned robotics firm Boston Dynamics has released new footage of its Atlas humanoid.

The robot, which is an upgrade from the previous version, is able to withstand the best efforts of its carers to push it over and stop it functioning.

Run time: 1:40

If there continues to be a problem with some folk's ability to view videos, try YouTube and search words such as 'Atlas humanoid', and ones that have been uploaded in the last day or so.

As you will see, this robot is not tethered to a power source (but NO mention of run time either). And although there is a part of this video of this robot traipsing through a small amount of snow, the next level of upgrade needs to be one that is all weather capable (and probably nighttime light level capable too, i. e., pitch black).

My kudos to all the engineers that built this thing--well done!

PS: to Amazon.com--don't bother with airborne drones. Use one of these things to run (literally) over to a customer's house to deliver a package.

marymary100 - 25-2-2016 at 18:55

I wonder how long AI will allow us to push them around?

victor - 25-2-2016 at 19:19


JackInCT - 25-2-2016 at 21:48

I think Boston Dynamics missed a golden PR opportunity here.

Imagine this: give this robot a water pistol (AKA a squirt gun) and have "it" chase the staff around in an enclosed area. The vid would go viral worldwide overnight [not to mention, by the way, of getting the message across subliminally (hopefully) what's in store for us humans if we keep sitting on our hands]!!!!

marymary100 - 25-2-2016 at 22:46


LSemmens - 25-2-2016 at 23:21

Thanks Mary. very appropriate.:D