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Same sex parent
Mary2 - 10-11-2009 at 13:26

I was reminded recently that the biggest influence on any child's life is said to be the same sex parent that they live with - more important than schools, church or any other external influence.

Looking at your own families would you say this was true in your case?

My daughter and I are very close and she agrees with me on some important key issues but she is not a clone, being quite different on others. However I value education and so has she and her faith probably comes from me too, albeit a different version of the same idea.

Is your same sex child like you? Did you have the most effect on them when they were growing up?

LSemmens - 10-11-2009 at 13:38

Difficult to say, I had a different influence upon all of my children, only one has continued in the same faith set as I, although each has followed into different fields of endeavour, all of my sons are of a technical bent whereas my daughter has definitely followed her mother's vocation of child care. In many ways, I am the closest to my daughter, but I can confidently say that all of my children have grown to be my friends, as have their friends (and ours, theirs, too). We also had a slightly different life than many as SWMBO has been ill for much of our children's lives, so, in many ways, they had to fend for themselves.

John_Little - 10-11-2009 at 13:47

I've got two boys. Both now living at home. I'd say we are close. But close to having a punch up.

Badgergirl - 10-11-2009 at 15:33

In stubborness, interests and thought patterns I'm very like my Dad.
Most of the time we are so alike we argue like cat and dog.

I don't take after my Mum very much, though I share her taste in clothes and a tapdancing hobby.
All my physical movement is from my mum, most of my behaviour is my dad's.

scholar - 10-11-2009 at 18:39

My son resembles me in many ways.

giron - 10-11-2009 at 18:41

Are you an alcoholic too? shocked_yellow

Swish Checkley - 10-11-2009 at 18:47

My mum was my best friend. Although I'd say my brother was also closer to her than my dad though I must stress this was probably as result of circumstances rather than any bad reflection on my dad. Now it's just me and Dad :(

LSemmens - 11-11-2009 at 12:54

I can identify with "my mum was my best friend" as I said similar when she passed away, "good bye old friend". Looking at my life, from what I've been told, I am much like my dad, but I never had the privilege of knowing him as he died when I was three.