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$200.00 for each schoolkid
delanti - 17-8-2009 at 18:21

What is your view, good thing or wast of money/


Snowy - 17-8-2009 at 18:29

A nice gesture from a very rich man Delanti, he didnt have to do it did he?...he could have just kept the money for himself.

marymary100 - 17-8-2009 at 19:52

I'm sure delanti has less of a problem about the money coming out of the pocket of the billionaire than he does about it coming out of the pockets of the American tax payers who are topping up the amount.

"Thank God for Obama" must have really pleased him. :D

delanti - 18-8-2009 at 02:46

I may be biased but I don't think George Soros does anything that don't benefit George or his ultimate goal. lips_sealed

delanti - 18-8-2009 at 02:52

The thing that is interesting to me though is why just NY? Could it have anything to do with the fact that NY probably has the highest number of people on Food Stamps? Or could it be a way of paying for a lot of votes in the last and next election?

If the money actually gets spent for the children s needs, that will be great. However there is no way to know if that will be the case or if it will buy beer,cigarettes or dope.confused2

scholar - 18-8-2009 at 02:56

George Soros has spent many fortunes promoting liberal political candidates and causes, and attacking conservatives.

It is refreshing to read of him using such a large amount of his own money for such a cause.

I have little doubt that some of the money was not used for its intended purpose. Some parents would use it to pay back rent or other bills, to get things they wanted for themselves, even for such things as alcohol and drugs. But a lot of the money undoubtedly did a lot of good.

That contrasts two approaches. Some people in government try to put controls in place to direct that resources be spent according to their intention. In the present case, they might have bought gift certificates for stores that sell school supplies, or paid for vouchers for books. That might direct more resources to be spent as intended, but allows less flexibility. In the "give cash" approach, some money will be wasted (Americans will remember that aid money after Hurricane Katrina was spent on alcohol, massages, and many strange things), but it lets the receivers of the offered aid decide how to use it.

So, the short answer to Delanti's question is "both."smokin:
[edit adds] Delanti's previous two posts appeared while I was composing my response.

LSemmens - 18-8-2009 at 15:57

In every circumstance, there will be those who abuse the situation and many more who will be benefited by it. Good on him!