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Home Bomb Factory in Brooklyn, New York
scholar - 22-1-2008 at 19:43

A professor's home was equipped to make bombs

I've been surprised that this has not gotten more news coverage. scared_stiff

LSemmens - 23-1-2008 at 13:02

Maybe it's because your link is a dud!

scholar - 23-1-2008 at 15:44

I'll try again

Here is the same link, without being covered under the xmb url code, in case something needs to be edited to make it work (if my browser copy-the-link is not working right).


I just came from the site, so I know it is still up as I post this.:)

TooCute4Words - 23-1-2008 at 15:56

It's lovely when they do find bombs or bomb making equipment and get the bomb makers or users off our streets and into jail where they belong.

But just imagine how many they don't catch!!

Also, there is a huge amount of money to be made in selling weapons. And Bombs are the best, well not stink-bombs