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Small town woes
scholar - 29-12-2007 at 23:18

I just saw a program about a town that is having some severe problems with its downtown business area.

The town is not very large. The main street business area consists of brick storefront buildings with upper stories that contain additional rooms (I don't know if any of them still house people. Some may have offices or storage areas.)

The buildings are really old. They are immediately against each other, wall against wall. And some of the buildings have become structurally unsound from deterioration (age and weathering).

If a wall of a building starts to give way, that building will fall down. And, its wall against the neighboring building will come down. And, the neighboring building's wall will not have the support it had, and it will come down, bringing down that building, bringing down the next wall, bringing down a wall of the next building, etc. In the video shot, I think I saw five buildings supporting each other.shocked_yellowshocked_yellow

It's common for small town businesses to charge full lrices (with a small customer base, they need to make money on every sale, and they can't buy in large volume), but then people sometimes drive to the city to get groceries and other things at discount stores. Some can hardly stay in business, when the building has been paid for. If they have to build anew, they might just close.:(:(

Fewer businesses mean fewer local jobs.:(

LSemmens - 30-12-2007 at 11:19

Your point?