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Hillary, Obama, and the most recent debate
scholar - 15-12-2007 at 05:20

In the most recent Democratic debate, a question was put to Obama: "You present yourself as the candidate for change, yet three of your advisors formerly worked for the Clintons. If you are taking their advice, how is there really much change?"

Before Obama responded, Hillary laughed and said, "I'd like to hear the answer to that!"

Obama said, "And, Hillary, I'll be happy to be advised by you as well!" He got a good laugh as a response from the crowd.

A radio host said there's more to consider here. The question one might wonder is, "Why did all those advisors, who worked for the Clintons and know them quite well, jump ship and run over to Obama instead?":o:o:o

LSemmens - 15-12-2007 at 13:58

From the report I read in our local paper today. It seems that Obama may have some credence. The article was focussed mainly on the support shown by Oprah, which the reporter seems to think will have little bearing on the result, but may hurt her credibility. Should he win the Presidency, he will be the first American of Negro descent to hold the office, an event, I think, will be good for America.

scholar - 15-12-2007 at 14:20

The Clintons have been known to try to destroy their political opponents with attempts to totally discredit them, and there is some thinking that Hillary's people are trying to do this to Obama.

One of Hillary's people passed on something about speculation that Obama used to deal cocaine. After this was circulated for a while, and the press learned and published that this came from Hillary's campaign, the staffer eventually resigned.

On a recent show, someone from Hillary's campaign made a point of saying that their campaign did not endorse such practices as circulating stories about Obama selling cocaine. Someone else on the panel said, "There, you did it again!" "What? No, YOU brought it up, I didn't."

For the record, Obama said in his book that he tried cocaine for a while in his early life, and then stopped using it. That was half of his life ago.

If Obama has been so upright and untainted that Hillary's people are resorting to that tactic, they may have a tough time.