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Free software worth considering
marymary100 - 13-2-2018 at 15:43

pfSense - a firewall + router software

Krita - a digital painter

stud.io - a brick building Lego type programme

ffmpeg - video convertor and other goodies

draftsight - a CAD programme

and for music libraries etc try a search of archive.com

I haven't posted links as I think you should do your own research first.

Katzy - 13-2-2018 at 21:52

Been looking to replace my old, unsupported firewall. :)

Never been asked to select a serial or VGA console for a USB stick, before, though. Dunno what they even mean, to be honest. I'll try both. If they work with Windoze, of course...

Ta, MM!

ETA: Probably not, then, having actually RTFM, a bit. It looks way out of my league, that one. :)