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Word of warning about the future of Windoze
LSemmens - 7-2-2018 at 09:49

Cloud computing, locked into M$ may not be all that far off I might need to re-visit Linux again. All I need to do is re-invent M$ Access and I can be free of the "Beast".

Katzy - 7-2-2018 at 10:52

Not a day passes, when I'm not glad I rolled back to W7.

Naturally, I have updates disabled. I use WSUS Offline Update to install those, so that I can review just what updates are doing and nuke 'em, before they screw things up.

When M$ withdraw support, as they soon will, I suspect, I'll stick with it. Me and a lot of others.

Imagine being the first company to release commercial malware, eh?

JackInCT - 7-2-2018 at 14:17

Originally posted by Katzy
Not a day passes, when I'm not glad I rolled back to W7.

Part of your solution really depends on how much of what you do has to, even occasionally, interact with someone else that is OS dependent.

In the same mix is, especially for home users, is the question as to whether smartphones/tablets will make PCs obsolete. Linux users are not going to escape the obsolesce issue.

Can Siri, Alexa, et al, replace smartphones--you can bet that there are folks betting the farm that they can, and will [Amazon Echo Show anyone?].