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Cleaning a laptop
scholar - 13-1-2018 at 18:33

https://www.ehow.com/how_2282741_clean-laptop.html?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=011218&c_crid =cta4


The suggested cleaning solution is a mixture of water and vinegar, and the author says not to use alcohol (for cleaning :D). Also, no pressure on the screen.

It isn't clear to me whether there is supposed to be any solution on the microfiber clothe while cleaning the screen. For other steps in the cleaning, the author mentions how to use the solution (e.g. spray it on the cloth, or dip a cotton swab in the solution). Is one supposed to just sort of cloth-dust the screen?

I don't often clean my stuff. With the older CRT monitors, I did not have the same worry about messing up the screen.

Does this procedure match what you do?

JackInCT - 13-1-2018 at 20:02

IMO you left out in your summary of cleaning methods, doing any/all cleaning methods on a completely cold monitor.

Also there is always the possibility that any cleaning method will leave streaks on the display screen (and that the streaks will only be visible under certain lighting conditions, and what the monitor is displaying). For some the streaks are more of an annoyance than the fingerprints, dust, etc., on the display.

If there are food particles, to include coffee stains on the monitor, getting rid of those is the first step, i. e., don't try to get rid of the food and the dust in just a one step application--kind of like cleaning off the dining room table after a meal-it may take multiple cleaning tries as corralling ALL the solid particles is not only elusive, but the solid particles that return to a liquid state, esp grease ones, get spread around.

marymary100 - 13-1-2018 at 20:13

I suppose not eating near the lappie is out of the question?

I just use the vacuum attachment from time to time.

JackInCT - 13-1-2018 at 23:19

Originally posted by marymary100
I suppose not eating near the lappie is out of the question?

It's a simple matter of being hungry and thirsty for knowledge that needs to be fueled. No one wants to see typing with one hand and consuming vast quantities of protein with the other becoming a lost art.

I suppose from a thread drift perspective, this forum could share what consumables, based on personal experience, leave the least amount of sticky residue on the keys. I wouldn't be at all surprised if ants, maybe even cockroaches, have paid forum members a visit to the area surrounding the machine.

LSemmens - 14-1-2018 at 07:37

I just wipe it down with a damp cloth if needed. Turn keyboard upside down and tap on the benchtop to dislodge any dirt.

scholar - 16-1-2018 at 00:02

Originally posted by LSemmens
Turn keyboard upside down and tap on the benchtop to dislodge any dirt.

I use a paper clip to hook out lint and crumbs that do not fall out.

Katzy - 16-1-2018 at 11:19

For the screen, I use the lens cleaning wipes that you can get for spex.

For the keyboard, I'd never use a paper clip, as it might catch something. Like MM, I just hoover it, occasionally. I happen to use a small thing, like a dustbuster. I empty it out, first, so that if anything should come dislodged (unlikely), I can fish it out and put it back..