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Does Anyone Have Any 'Hands On' Level Experience With Baremetal Backups?
JackInCT - 26-12-2017 at 13:46

While previewing a Linux distro's archival setting, I ran across the term/concept of baremetal backups. It's a term that I'm pretty sure that I've never come across previously.

There is a great deal of info, hits, etc., on the subject via any Search.

I'm not going to spell out even a basic definition of what one is/is not in this post, as I don't feel comfortable with an attempt after several readings of various hits. It would be very easy for the uninitiated to get it wrong as to what to expect from such tech.

I'm wondering IF anyone on this board has ever actually done one???? to include what they've learned re ins and outs of what such tech actually accomplishes, especially relative to other forms of archival level backups for home users PCs.

LSemmens - 27-12-2017 at 10:09

It's not unlike what Norton Ghost or the like will do. It's more related to computer servers. It's very hardware and software dependent. You're lucky, my eldest is visiting and looks after networks for a living.

Katzy - 27-12-2017 at 14:57

I made such a backup of each of my drives, onto other drives. Now, I just copy files over, individually, to keep those backups up to date.