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If I am never seen again ...
Nimuae - 4-11-2017 at 20:39

... blame Microsoft !!

My lovely PC, Windows XP Professional, has finally died and is beyond rescusitation. Have been using a borrowed PV, Vista, for a while now so the 'techy gang' could work on my old one in the hopes it could be revived.

Alas - it could not - and I am being forced into the black hole that is 'Windows 10' !

Have spent most of today patiently harvesting pictures and documents from the borrowed Vista onto a pile of CDs - ever hopeful that they will install on Windows 10.

Tomorrow I will disconnect this one and connect up my shiney new tower - already I can see a potential problem - there is no integral card reader to upload photos. Have looked on line for one that works with W10 - but not yet managed to find one. Thanks a bunch Microsoft !!

I am dreading it - but refuse to be beaten by a misbegotten heap of micro chips - however - tomorrow you may hear me screaming - or crying - or both at once !!

marymary100 - 4-11-2017 at 20:57

My laptop is Windows 10. It is fine apart from Edge as a browser. Good luck

JackInCT - 4-11-2017 at 23:53

Originally posted by Nimuae
.. there is no integral card reader to upload photos...

Is an "integral card reader" the same as a multicard reader?

LSemmens - 5-11-2017 at 02:41

I'd almost guarantee so, Jack. Any cheap USB card reader will do. Once you are comfy with Windoze 10, you'll not look back. The only time W10 irks me is when I'm digging around "under the hood" because nothing is where it was in previous iterations.

JackInCT - 5-11-2017 at 11:50

Originally posted by LSemmens
...Any cheap USB card reader will do...

The operative word is "USB". I presume the new machine has all manner of USB ports, and at least one is always available for a USB device.

Cautionary note: I have 2-3 multicard readers and they are very fussy about what USB port on a given machine, regardless of the OS, device manager will recognize them, i. e., it is NOT a backward compatibility issue, USB 2.0 versus USB 3.0 issue relative to the card reader, but actually what port on a given machine device manager is willing to recognize the reader. I suspect that it's a cheaply made reader issue--since there is not way of telling what you are going to wind up with when you buy one, IF the one you buy doesn't work at all in any port, it's not the machine or OSs fault--a return to sender matter, but given the cost of shipping, etc.,.

A recent foray into Amazon for a bulk purchase of small capacity flash drives ALWAYS had reviews that some purchases did not wind up with 100% of the drives working. So it goes in the digital age of being ripped off since the cost of the return shipping charges discourages a return.

Quaver - 5-11-2017 at 14:42

I've had Windows 10 for over a year now, not bad.
Can't use old printers though.

I was at my sister's, and wanted to use her old canon printer, but there was no Windows 10 driver. I downloaded an older version, but when I printed the photo, it was very faint:(

I could have tried the compatibility mode, but thought better not waste any more ink, so gave up...

Another thing I lost was Word 2000. It worked up 'til Windows 8.1.

John_Little - 5-11-2017 at 20:38

I just had a massive update. Took hours and after things were not looking too good.

But after a few restarts it seems ok now.

Theravad - 7-11-2017 at 12:30

I'm still a happy Linux user :-)
good luck with the switchover!

I do use Windows 8.1 as a virtual if I need Windows however I do install classic Shell http://www.classicshell.net/ to make it look like a earlier Windows with a proper menu button status bar:)

LSemmens - 7-11-2017 at 23:16

I'm still locked into Windoze. Only because of Access. If someone made a good equivalent that could import all of the code from VBA I'd be all over it like a rash.