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If you liked Opera, before they changed it to Chrome in all but name...
Katzy - 20-8-2017 at 17:58


It's still quite new, but it has the right feel, even though there's no option to have the tabs at the bottom...


Edit: Ha! There IS a way! (Not an obvious one, though).

scholar - 21-8-2017 at 01:00

I like when you share such things with us, Katzy, especially with the actual link.

One of my fears is, that I might download a program that has malware added to it, from a bogus site with a believably similar name, found by a search engine. You, I trust.

scholar - 21-8-2017 at 01:09

A report on the site mentions 5 known bugs. Is it ready for someone like me to use?

I used Opera, not Firefox, for several years. Then, the Opera on one of my computers somehow got infected (I think), doing things and opening windows against my wishes. I feared that I might delete something I needed (shared dll s, for example) if I tinkered, trying to fix the problem, and jumping to Firefox seemed a quick work-around.

I'd be happy to go with Otter. Or, perhaps, the Pale Moon browser you've mentioned.greengrin

Katzy - 25-9-2017 at 12:40

There's only one weirdy that I've found, thus far. But, that's of little consequence, really. very few people will notice it, if they visit a certain newspaper group's sites (The Independent has a "Please disable your ad-blocker" popup that won't close).

Apart from that, it's become my browser of choice, with Vivalldi coming a close second.

I'm giving few new browsers road tests, at the moment.

Dooble seems pretty, well, boring, to be honest.

Internet Surfboard, is just dire.

Cliqz seems to be based on Firefox, but it seems to concentrate, a lot, on security. I'm quite liking it, thus far. But, any browser which won't allow me to have the tabs at the bottom won't stay on my machine for long. Why have them at the top? Most people have their Windoze taskbar at the bottom and it seems more natural to have browser tabs, there, too. Cliqz are looking into putting that into a near-future release, for me. :) They seem a friendly bunch! I've been nattering to the team at Otter, too, as they use the software, for their forum, that I used to be the support lead for.

They seem pleasantly mad, which is always a bonus, for me! :)

LSemmens - 26-9-2017 at 07:59

Looks inneresting, however, I'm stuck in Firefox, tried Opera and went back. Occasionally I play with TOR but that does not seem as good as FF, even though it may well be more secure. So far, I've not had any nasties, so FF works for me.