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Hey America! Your internet is going to be so much better this January!
Katzy - 12-8-2017 at 14:40

But, probably not in the way you'd hoped...


John_Little - 12-8-2017 at 15:19

That's great!!!!!

(redefining "great" as "better than a slap across the belly with a wet kipper")

LSemmens - 13-8-2017 at 03:54

Don't show this report to Australia, Our FTN will be deemed to be "Best in the World" despite the fact that the best I can get is ADSL2 and many areas have to rely on a Satellite as their "Node". The previous govt had promised Fibre to the Premises, but that was deemed "unnecessary". Malcolm Turncoat would love this one.

Katzy - 13-8-2017 at 09:48

Hmmm. Even up here, in the sticks, we have fibre.

We're not using it, personally, as it costs an arm, a leg and several internal organs.

marymary100 - 13-8-2017 at 10:19

To be fair though I access t'internet as much from smart devices as I do at home. Being able to get online while staying away from home this week was terrific.