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Holes in the wall can be hacked in 5 minutes
marymary100 - 25-7-2017 at 17:48

Essentially they mostly still use XP.

No wonder I still go inside the bank

John_Little - 25-7-2017 at 19:56

oh well

LSemmens - 26-7-2017 at 00:56

And that is surprising????

JackInCT - 26-7-2017 at 02:59

FYI: during a current shopping trip for a notebook computer, I discovered that the latest 7th-gen Intel Core i7 processors will only support, re system requirements specs, the Win 10 OS, i. e., you cannot if you needed new machine (and are willing to void the manufacturer's warranty) delete Win 10 and install, say, Win 7 (presuming that you have a Win 7 install CD).

There are Google type hits that say that you could do a workaround to get Win 7 installed under the above scenario, but no guarantees that any of them will work. I presume, if it's that important to you to have a Win 7 OS, that you could create a virtual version emulation.

The hits tend to say that you would have a better outcome if you use a Linux distro to replace the Win 10 OS.

It sure sounds like that for a home user, deleting the Win 10 OS is a real roll of the dice re what you wind up with in an attempt to replace it with another OS. The manufacturer of a new machine will sell you a recovery disk, and I suppose if you really mess up the process of installing an alternative OS, you could use it to go back to the original setup, but whether that would work is ?????.

LSemmens - 26-7-2017 at 13:31

This is nothing new, It's just that the technology has overtaken the software for once. Time was when Windows would not support the older architectures, so, if you needed to run Windows, you needed to update your hardware. Now the hardware is so much more complex, it has become a never ending task to keep up backward compatibility with older architectures. It's not unlike the automotive industry in that regard. Your new car will go beautifully on the freeway, but take it out back of Bourke and it won't perform nearly as well as your old model T, if at all, and I'd go so far as to say NONE of the parts are interchangeable, including fuel! Have you tried to run DOS 6.1 on an i3 processor? Would you want to?

Here is a clarification of Microsoft's position