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FYI: YouTube Really Unique Server Error Webpage
JackInCT - 16-6-2017 at 13:31

FYI: YouTube Really Unique Server Error Webpage

Leave it to uTube to come up with something that's unique to it, and it alone. It looks like they (Google) turned on their staff's creative juices (AKA play=work=paid to do this to come up with this.

Upon launching uTube from my bookmarks, I got (multiple tries were identical) this webpage--embedded screen capture image attached. Note: my DSL was ops normal as per launching other bookmarks URLs, so I don't know why this error occurred. This error was identical in another browser, so I presume that the site is down.

You will likely have to zoom in to read any of the text. AND NO, I didn't send them the heads up response they requested.

Stay tuned; they're all out on their corporate HQ playground for recess.

By the way, they are NOT as smarty pants as they would like to have us believe they are. IF you zoom the image, you will see a line of text that states that they want the end user to send them the text; BUT they forgot to include an email address for the end user to do that.

LSemmens - 17-6-2017 at 06:41

But they also said that screenshots frighten them, so they probably stole the address. FWIW I've seen this page, too, some years back, so it isn't a newbie, but, certainly, not one that you would hope to see too often.