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A good Microsoft product
scholar - 15-6-2017 at 08:37

My last trip to Indiana did not go well, with respect to driving directions. I was following a print-out from Yahoo maps without much luck.

With respect to printing the maps, I also have trouble because my printer is working from a black ink cartridge, and most maps depend on color to give their best appearance.

I happened to fall into Bing maps because I used a Bing search to find an alternative. It is looking pretty good!:o With Yahoo, I have trouble getting the print size right so that the whole instructions fit on the paper--not so with Bing. And the gray-scale maps look pretty good, as if someone worked on the maps with the idea of making them good for black ink, too, not just color-and-quit.

Who would have thought that Microsoft would do a good job, on a free product? And I am not even using their browser--it renders well when I used it through Firefox.

LSemmens - 16-6-2017 at 02:06

Actually, M$ do extremely well on all their products. The only time there is a complaint is when something goes wrong. Given the number of M$ products out there, of course you are going to hear complaints.

If you have a smart phone, google maps gives you point by point directions in real time. I use it frequently.