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FYI: Amazon.com Has Added (The Option) Of Two-Factor Authentication
JackInCT - 18-11-2015 at 22:09

Mega-online retailer Amazon.com just added (the option) of two-factor authentication (AKA multi-factor authentication [MFA]) to log into your Amazon account. It's been available for some time now for everything from Google, Microsoft and Apple cloud accounts to Evernote and Facebook.

URL at PCWorld for the whole 9 yds re the details of how this works re setting it up:

This is a lengthy article.

There is a 2nd URL at Amazon itself with additional explanations:

Feedback from anyone on this forum re additional details, to include hassles re either setting it up, or using it in practice would be welcome. Ditto re other websites that offer this option.

LSemmens - 19-11-2015 at 00:29

I've not read either link, but I'm happy enough with a two factor authentication. My bank does that any time I want to vary my automatic payments. It does give you some form of security.