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Partial success loading old (really old) programmes
John_Little - 17-11-2015 at 16:56

As I was saying in Leigh's thread, I've been trying to load some old programmes from CDs onto my new Acer laptop with windows 10.

Audio cleaning lab 2004 went on with no argument (apart from a compatibility fix) AVS media video editor went on but wouldn't load - party because originally I downloaded it from their website and then bought the license. Now they have been taken over and don't have the version I paid the license for so thats out the window.

Microsoft publisher 2000 started to load then the drive started to make some horrible noises and it stopped. I tried loading the files onto a stick from my old xp desktop computer with a more powerful optical drive but that wouldn't work. So I used an old copy of nero to re-make/copy the installation disk and it worked!

I know they are old programmes but I know how to use them and I'm used to their idiosyncrasies.

Shame about the video editor. That's what I used to do my youtube videos. I wonder if they still do the windows movie maker thing.

LSemmens - 17-11-2015 at 23:57

I actually commented in "my" thread about that. How old is the AVS video editor? If it worked in XP, it should work in W10 - Anything prior to that might be a stretch, though.

John_Little - 18-11-2015 at 08:47

The problem is you don't get a cd with the set up on. You have to download it then register it on line to make it work. I have a license to use it forever but would have to download the version I have a license for and its not on the website any more.

I "bought" it in 2007 and I think its actually version 1 dot something. But I copied the files from my old xp computer and did get the setup thing to work and it put the icons on the desktop but when you clicked them nothing happened.

John_Little - 18-11-2015 at 08:51

By the way. I found Windows Movie Maker as part of a free ms download. Its not as good as the old version on XP with less effects and stuff but it might work with one of those freebees that are pinned to the top of the forum.

I looked at Adobe premier CC or something. There was a "special offer" of 13 something but it seemed to imply that this was a yearly or monthly fee rather than a one off payment.

LSemmens - 18-11-2015 at 11:30

Is this the program that you have? Their help forums might help you re-activate it. It seems to have a "how do I retrieve my license key?" which may help you out.

Katzy - 18-11-2015 at 11:43

It might not be totally legal. I'm not sure. It may be, if you have a licence...? If not and a mod would prefer not to discuss this, I'd have no qualms, if it gets nuked. :D

There're various portable version of AVS around and they work with W10. I know, coz I tried them. :)

I got rid, though, coz I prefer TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works and Camtasia Studio.

LSemmens - 18-11-2015 at 12:37

Unfortunately, Kazty, much as it would be helpful to learn how to circumvent any activation, etc. Unfortunately, we must be careful not to bring any unwanted attention IYKWIM in Dot's direction. Of course what happens in the privacy of your own home is outside of our control.

Katzy - 18-11-2015 at 13:05

Roger that. As I said, I wasn't sure, coz the licence just might cover him.

No hassles, matey. :)

John_Little - 18-11-2015 at 14:05

The license is only for the older version. They made that clear last time I moved it from one computer to another.

Meantime, have a look at this link and see what you think you get for your money.


LSemmens - 19-11-2015 at 00:20

Maybe, John a good question might be, "What do you lot recommend as a good, free, alternative?"

Katzy - 19-11-2015 at 13:03

Depends on format.

Virtualdub is something I still use, a lot. Only AVI output, though.

There's some useful stuff on here: