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How to stop Firefox spying on you.
Katzy - 12-11-2015 at 19:37

Type "about:config" in the address bar and hit "Enter".

Scroll down to the following keys and click them to change the value to "false".:


Or, you can do it using this:


JackInCT - 12-11-2015 at 20:36

Originally posted by Katzy

I have a question re your suggestion for that add on for Firefox (Config.fox).

Possibly one of the largest freeware software categories are the history/tracks erasers. And most of them seem to be periodically updated with CCleaner leading the pack with the frequency of new versions.

And most of these "erasers" have a section devoted to Firefox and a series of check off boxes as to what 'parts' of Firefox the end user wishes to erase. Many, if not most, of these erasers have to be manually 'activated' by the end user when you close out the browser, i. e., the onus is on the end user to remember to use them.

My question is whether this add on and just about any of these erasers are actually doing redundant work (overlap), i. e., if you use one, you really don't need to use the other?

Katzy - 12-11-2015 at 21:42

Depends... If you use this one, I believe it removes them when you shut the browser down. You can set most browsers to do that, anyway.

The thing that Firefox used to be awful at was cookie handling. Dunno if it's improved much. I rarely use Firefox, now. The PaleMoon fork seems to be much better, for me.