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LSemmens - 25-9-2015 at 10:18

Any experience here? What do you use/recommend? What is needed?

Katzy - 25-9-2015 at 17:55


There are two controversial issues attached to writing about Usenet: 1) the first rule of Usenet is that you don't talk about Usenet, and 2) it's commonly used to download copyrighted material. Before getting into the how-to portion, we thought it important to address these topics.

If I tell you, they'll come for me... ;)


Never used it, myself, funnily enough. I got bored with having to register at places, a while back. Seems you can have a trial period, if it helps?


LSemmens - 26-9-2015 at 09:44

Thanks Katzy. I've just wasted 1/2 hour reading the replies to the LH post. The more I look at it, the more I wonder, what is the advantage? I understand the illegal side of it, that is not much different to Torrent sites. What are the other benefits?

Katzy - 26-9-2015 at 14:51

Download speeds, I would think. Torrents can be a bit hit'n'miss, apparently. Apart from FireDrive (Putlocker, as was), Zippyshare and Huge Files, the other download sites are crawlingly slow, too.

LSemmens - 27-9-2015 at 02:34

Thanks Katzy. I had come across those "rules" and wondered if they were really that effective, given the fact that the "powers that be" already know about it anyway.