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Mafia Used 'Sheep Code' To Communicate.
JackInCT - 3-8-2015 at 18:58

Italian police: The head of the Sicilian Mafia used 'sheep code' to communicate.

No, not a prank/hoax news story (today 08/03/15). And no, 'sheep' is not an acronym like COBOL for a computer programming language, OR a computer language named after someone like PASCAL. Do ewe get it now? AND, most importantly of all, it uses very little RAM (after all sheep are also mortal, so some RAM is necessary for the procreation of the species, although in this day & age, artificial insemination of livestock is likely in wide use, even in a place like Sicily).

Just how important can this nugget of info be? Well the word on the street is that MS is looking into it as an alternative to 128 bit key encryption and will likely incorporate it into the next Win 10 OS Critical Update (which is already quite late getting out of the gate--but likely there are so many things in Win 10 that need fixing that they are all in Redmond burning the midnight oil to, let's say, enhance the user experience). Speaking of leading lambs to the slaughter, who knows more about that than MS.

marymary100 - 3-8-2015 at 19:58


JackInCT - 3-8-2015 at 21:07

Originally posted by marymary100

I got the impression from reading the news article that, as far as the Italian police goes, there was mutton to it to figure it all out. Unfortunately the Mafia higher ups got word that the cops were on their way, and took it on the lam. They made their getaway in a LAMborghini. I have every confidence in the Italian police, & I'm sure everything wool turn out just fine.

LSemmens - 3-8-2015 at 21:44

Ewe must be a trifle bored. Just be careful or ewe might get the chop. ;)

marymary100 - 3-8-2015 at 22:15