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Ashley Madison hack
scholar - 31-7-2015 at 19:58

Have you heard about it? A web site for spouses who wish to have an affair has been hacked, and the hacker claimed to have names, addresses, credit card information, and sexual preferences of members, whom he (or they) threatened to disclose if the site continued to operate.

CNN article

Article after some member info reportedly leaked. The article suggests that there are several fake lists of supposedly hacked members.

If a person wishes to commit adultery, and enlists an internet enterprise that promotes having an affair, is it really a surprise to them when things turn out badly?

Is it really a surprise to anyone when adultery turns out badly--whether the internet is involved, or not?

How about this: "Do not commit adultery." Live in faithfulness to your spouse. It isn't an absolute guarantee that your reputation won't be tarnished, since anyone might lie about you, if they wish--but, it's a lot better than being exposed as a person who has done wrong against their marriage and broken their vows.

What do you think?