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FB hack
delanti - 31-7-2015 at 18:01

Checking my FB last night and was surprised to have a friend request from an old friend from up North that I had previously befriended. No more than befriended her and I got a chat box asking how was I doing. Followed immediately with a question wondering if I had heard about the new government loan program. I replied "dare I ask". She said she got a loan for $100,000.00 and does not have to pay it back because it is thru the World Bank.

Right away the suspicion gene woke up as the last I knew, she was not hurting for money and could not imagine what she wound need that kind of money for. She provided a link to this guys FB page and said I should check it out. I said I would and how did she find out about this good deal. She replied "an old friend".

Still smelling something fishy, I asked how her son was doing and waited but got no reply. She has no son!

I called her and found out she stayed in a Motel and left her lap top on and logged in on FB and someone got all her information and passwords and I was the third person to call with the same situation. Needless to say I guess I will have to get along without that loan.waveysmiley

marymary100 - 31-7-2015 at 19:14

Funny thing is, if it was for a lesser amount you may not have been so suspicious.