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SSD Endurance!
LSemmens - 14-3-2015 at 13:48

This is the final chapter in a 'till death shootout between SSDs that are currently available It is by no means exhaustive, but makes for interesting reading if you want to go down the SSD route.

Quaver - 14-3-2015 at 13:53

Seems reliable enoughkewl_glasses
So terabyte is followed by petabyte:o

LSemmens - 16-3-2015 at 10:19

Can you remembered the days when a 20Mb hard drive was huge? ;)

Quaver - 16-3-2015 at 11:11

Err... no. I bought my first 4.3GB PC in 1999.
The one I used at school (Mac, 1985) must've had a small hard disk.