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Plugging into a different USB port
scholar - 7-9-2008 at 21:41

In my haste to get my HP 4160 printer drivers reinstalled, I took out the USB cable (I thought I remembered a note that the drivers and software were supposed to be installed with the USB disconnected), installed the software and drivers, then connected the USB cable into an easily-accessible USB port on the front of the machine.

But, I'd prefer to have it in a port in the back, so that the front port is available for other stuff (like a USB thumb drive).

Are they interchangeable? Does the physical location of the port make any difference, or will the computer identify the device and deal with it accordingly, without regard to which USB port it is plugged into?

Daz - 7-9-2008 at 22:33

Shouldn't be a problem, but as you're still on 98 I wouldn't guarantee it. But a simple re-install of the drivers should solve it anyway, if it does have a wobbly...

scholar - 7-9-2008 at 23:08