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What the news on sp3?
CrazieMom - 4-9-2008 at 23:29

I have XP. Got a windows update today.. Wanted me to install service pack 3... Chills went down my spine... I remember on my old computer, also XP, I install sp2 and NOTHING worked.. It was a nightmare... Got it out and all was fine again.. This computer came with sp2 but the thought of allowing sp3 anywhere near it scares the bejeebers out of me... That little notice saying, Back up you HD first.... *shudder*

I don't think so....

Are my fears unreasonable??

Redwolf5150 - 4-9-2008 at 23:37

I have heard it causes more problems that it fixes.

So I have avoided downloading it, too.


CrazieMom - 4-9-2008 at 23:41

Thanks.. Thought I was just being paranoid..

Quaver - 5-9-2008 at 00:14

I successfully updated one PC. If you have IE7, uninstall it first, and re-install after the update (otherwise you can't uninstall IE7).

I haven't updated the important PC, simply because it wasn't offered confused2

Daz - 5-9-2008 at 01:07

I've put it on all mine, with no problems whatsoever. It also goes on all units I do any work on.

It's basically just an amalgamation of all updates since sp2, bar one or two minor tweaks, so shouldn't cause any problems. I've certainly not experienced any. (Famous last words!)

CrazieMom - 5-9-2008 at 04:11

I never updated to IE7.. I'll give them a little time to work on it some and after, and only after, I back up all my data, I might install it then..

Thanks for the info

shywitch - 5-9-2008 at 20:11

If you have kept up with all the updates then it shouldn't be a problem... most of it just covers the updates anyway.

IE7 works okay... Though I wouldn't trust the beta for 8 yet.