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Removing spam
catsrule54 - 9-8-2008 at 16:03

Don't remember who told me about Mail Washer, think it was Katzy ? But I want to thank you, I'm using it, & really like it ! waveysmiley

LSemmens - 10-8-2008 at 11:55

I'm pleased to hear it, it's not often we get a glowing report some time after the event. It just goes to show that KF is the gift that keeps on giving.

ps. I know that you've been around here long enough cats, to know that I'm serious in my appreciation. (no, 'twasn't I, who recommended it, but I may have commended it after the recommendation)

Katzy - 10-8-2008 at 13:25

Always a pleasure, Catty!

catsrule54 - 10-8-2008 at 16:15

Guess I'll have to give more glowing reports when something works, & yes, KF is the gift that keeps on giving .kewl_glasses