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SRD - 28-7-2008 at 16:32

Recently released from an ex Google team this new browser has much hype attached to it.

Playing with it today; so far I've not been impressed. Searches take a long time, the number of hits made is misreported and many of the hits made are identical.

Oh, and they couldn't find my sites. waggyfinger

scholar - 28-7-2008 at 18:17

I've never judged a browser by using a search engine. Weren't early Mosaic, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Firefox all search-engine-independent (perhaps with a default search engine, but any could be used by going to the appropriate URL)?

I applaud every browser effort, because:

1--Different browser code means a virus written for one is not likely to work in another. I use Opera, which is a smaller target group for malicious programs, compared to the larger groups which use IE and Firefox. If I wanted to be a reeeally small target, I would use a browser from an even smaller group.

2--Any good feature will either make a browser popular or encourage the writers of code for other browsers to copy the excellent feature. Look how advances in any popular browser have spurred on the others to make improvements.

Katzy - 28-7-2008 at 19:03


That link just sends me to a search-engine. confused2

SRD - 28-7-2008 at 19:50

Sorry Katzy, that is a link to the search engine but the hype surrounding it had me over enthusing. Further playing suggests that it's not actually ready for release. Even the simple home site has broken links. I think that it is a hyped up piece of software that they hope will be snapped up by one of the big boys pretty quickly.

marymary100 - 28-7-2008 at 22:22

Cool! Cuil is your friend...or not SRD. ;)

Katzy - 29-7-2008 at 11:52

Yeah. Looks like it's fallen victim of it's own hype. It's sloooooooooooooooooooooooooow.