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Problem with IE
CrazieMom - 19-6-2008 at 02:09

Before I start, I know, IE sucks and I should use Firefox. If I didn't have 1000 links in my favorites in IE I would.

I don't know what's changed but when I got to some forums, Zeta so far, I can't send PM's or click on Smileys. I can click them, I get the finger when I hover ( I know, get the finger, haha ) but when I click nothing happens...

So far those are the only sites that I've noticed things not working, didn't know who else to ask.. No Google bars installed, I've checked pretty much everything in IE's internet options and nothing. Has to be an update for something that's causing it since I haven't installed anything...

Any ideas?

SRD - 19-6-2008 at 07:01

Can you post a link to one of the sites you're having problems with, I'll have a try with my IE.

Are you running IE7Pro as well by any chance? If so you might be accidentally blocking some of the links.

Katzy - 19-6-2008 at 11:05

With Firefox and Opera, you can import your IE "Favourites" into their bookmarks.

Dead easy to do, too.

Can you give us links to the sites you're having problems with?

Or, does your problem only present itself in areas where you have to be logged-in?

LSemmens - 19-6-2008 at 14:18

As Katzy says, mom, Opera and FF both import IE Favourites and, what's more, FF (I can't speak for Opera) does it as part of its installation. So you could try it and then decide if IE is worth the trouble.

CrazieMom - 19-6-2008 at 15:56

This is driving me crazy.

This is the board I'm having the problems with. You do have to log in and wait for admin approval. I'm admin there, but not the owner, if you want to check to see about the PM's and smileys, I'll verify you as soon as you register..


This next one is a zeta test board of mine. Set it up to make some skins. I make them for Invisionfree, but the Zeta is different so I had to set up the test board to learn the new stuff. I have it set up for no admin approval to join so no waiting and you can put in a bogus email when you register, but here, I can send PM's fine, but still can't click on the smiley. I tossed one in real quick to test it.


delanti - 19-6-2008 at 16:26

The site works fine with my Firefox browser. Don't know about IE.confused2

delanti - 19-6-2008 at 16:29

I just went to the test site with my IE and it worked ok but not as fast as with FF. lips_sealed

SRD - 19-6-2008 at 16:43

I'm getting:

You can not view this board
Error Code: 1003:16162
On the first link.

CrazieMom - 19-6-2008 at 17:34

SRD, I approved you, you should be able to get in fine now..

SRD - 19-6-2008 at 17:46

Fine, I've been in, posted and Pmed you. All with IE7.

Maybe you've got some settings wrong.

Katzy - 19-6-2008 at 19:40

First thing to try, I'd suggest, is emptying your cache and all that stuff.

CrazieMom - 19-6-2008 at 22:06

SRD, There's no PM there from you. When you clicked send did you scroll down? It gives you the preview post and never sends.

I saw the post and you're smileys work... I'll just have to keep using Firefox for that one unless IE7 is working better than it did when it first came out.

Katzy, I did empty the cache and did a good cleaning out before I did anything else..

SRD - 20-6-2008 at 07:12

Sorry CM, I'll give it another go.

SRD - 20-6-2008 at 07:22

Ok, second attempt:
Ordinary post no smileys came up to click on but when I quote a post they are there and can be clicked on and placed in the post.

Second PM sent, both are showing in my archive as having been sent.

I had a Defender definition and Windows security upgrade this morning which may have made a difference.

CrazieMom - 20-6-2008 at 13:12

Found your PM, it went to the other admin. LOL I can send PM's at the test board. Could be the Windows update then because I don't have Defender. Thanks for trying.