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A useful Micro$oft program that's free? Can't be true, surely?
Katzy - 10-6-2008 at 12:46

Yep. It's true.

Microsoft took over a firm named "SysInternals". They don't seem to have screwed them up, yet.

This is damned good, this.


Daz - 10-6-2008 at 13:03

I concur...

Good tool, one that is kept on my USB stick in the "handy" folder...

LSemmens - 10-6-2008 at 13:19

Looks very useful, am downloading as I type!

DMWright - 11-6-2008 at 02:13

MS has a lot of free programs that are useful, I use VPC a lot..

But speaking of SysInternals I find Process Manager to be very useful, far better than task manager and they have a nice defragger than will do system files unlike the standard defrag.

SRD - 11-6-2008 at 07:29

I use a couple, their gif animator mostly, windows install cleanup also springs to mind.

Katzy - 11-6-2008 at 12:07

I find their "FileMon" to be one of the most-used programs on my system.

I think that's the same as the one DM mentioned, except that's for Vista. (Spit!)