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program saving
hawklord - 17-5-2008 at 16:10


when i download a program and install it, instead of just deleting the download i save it to a usb flash drive,
when/if i need to reinstall my operating system then i don't need to mess about looking for programs to download - just grab the usb, shove it in and off i go,

anyone else do this ?

scholar - 17-5-2008 at 16:57

This sounds like an excellent idea to me.

The last USB thumb drive I bought did not work for me, or I would use it.

I have been thinking about getting another USB drive, and could use it for that purpose.:)

Daz - 17-5-2008 at 20:06

I've got three USB drives, 1gb, 2gb and 4gb, they all have bit's and bobs on them for easy access or transfer.

I've also got a partition on one of the HDD's loaded with goodies. In fact, I've got partitions galore, loaded with bit's and bobs.

Quaver - 17-5-2008 at 20:25

Mine's still sitting on my hard drive;)

LSemmens - 18-5-2008 at 12:38

I have a HDD in my machine that is my "RELOAD" drive. I use my Windoze CD to re-load the OS, then everything else from that drive. All that I store on there is software, drivers, patches and updates. I even have an ISO of Windoze stored there in case my CD starts getting flaky. Only about 30G of data so far. Half is for software that I almost never need so only install it as needed, and don't bother re-installing it when I re-load.

I keep an UBCD4Windoze in my repair kit, and, when I find it, a 1Gb thumbdrive with all security tools and updates. If anyone has seen it, can you please tell me where I've put it?

ErraticToad - 20-5-2008 at 00:33

I do that - sort of.

I have a folder on my HDD called 'Disaster Recovery' and within it are various directories like 'utils' 'drivers' 'av' and so on.

On a once a year basis I make sure it's up to date and burn it to a CD. That way if all goes south I always have the necessary. I also use it for friends and family PC's.

Katzy - 20-5-2008 at 12:16

I have four hard disks.

D is a clone of C and F is a clone of E.

Backing-up's a doddle.

I use Acronis to do the cloning, then keep "Second copy" running, so each clone is always up-to-date.


hawklord - 20-5-2008 at 12:34


with not having the dubious luxury of a tele, all my stuff is done through my pc, its the entertainments center and has to be kept in tiptop condition,
so all my o/s back ups, program back ups and various other things are kept on external drives, cd/dvd disks and usb memory - i even have copies of my origional driver/software disks - just in case