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Save Win XP
delanti - 14-4-2008 at 23:41

Go here and sign petition to save Win XP.


Katzy - 15-4-2008 at 12:00

Even better:


LSemmens - 15-4-2008 at 14:34

If you haven't already got XP, delanti, then you may as well go with Vista. It can only improve, or, as Katzy says, Ubuntu!

If Ubuntu had a range of apps that would more completely emulate Orifice, I would persist, but I don't fancy re-writing thousands of lines of code at the moment.

delanti - 15-4-2008 at 16:43

I am running Vista Leigh. To be honest, I have had no problems so far. Of course I haven't done anything that would tax the system but have done most of the things a home user would do without any problem.

I am even running my Lotus Smartsuite that came on my Win95 PC and no complaints from Vista. IPhoto Plus 4 is another old program from Win95 days that is running fine.

I know there are a lot uf users of XP on here, that is why I posted the link. I had concerns when I purchased this PC and could not get XP but so far the only thing that is a bit annoying are the warning pop ups. Also I have a couple of programs that I disabled in start up that I can not remove or uninstall in control panel but I can live with that.