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Firefox now updated to v.
dr john - 26-3-2008 at 11:32

A new update just installed itself
Looks like mainly security problems being updated (just like the last few updates as well).
No mention of new features being added.

Faolan - 26-3-2008 at 12:10

This is why I'm moving away from recommending Firefox, there is just too many security issues now associated with V2 of the program. Plus it's got a ton of memory leaks.

Hopefully V3 will be more secure, it's already more memory friendly.

dr john - 26-3-2008 at 12:40

The security issues that are now appearing are because it is becoming more popular. As I said over a year ago, as soon as it becomes more widely used, people will try to hack it and discover it has as many problems as IE.

The reason so many problems were found with IE was that if you're going to hack something, hack something popular to be able to screw as many people as possible. Who is going to waste time trying to hack a browser with 0.001% of the users world wide. But when it's 10-15%, it becomes worthwhile. It's just the way hackers work, so more problems get discovered. The greater security claims of Firefox have always been hyped up a bit. It should have been less problems are KNOWN about, not less exist.

No reason not to recommend it, but yes, let's hope that V3 is better Same with IE8 of course. But as happened with IE7, someone will sit quietly on any problem they find with IE8 and then publicise it the same day as the final version is released, trying to show it is insecure. Childish tactics.