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If you are going to run for president...
Redwolf5150 - 24-3-2015 at 01:09

Make sure you have your domain name locked up.

Case in point: http://www.tedcruz.com/

marymary100 - 24-3-2015 at 20:44

Isn't he Canadian?

delanti - 27-3-2015 at 19:48

Election year 2016. The year the voting public gets to vote for the worst field of candidates I believe I have ever seen. The Republicans have a field made up of position changers depending on who they are talking to at the moment. It will probably end up with who has the most money. Then the Democrats have put all their eggs in the Hillary basket. If she has many more errors in judgement the field on that side could be wide open unless she can keep missing Go to Jail and landing on Boardwalk.

It would be nice to be able to vote for someone that seems to be a leader rather than someone who can raise the most money and thereby buy the election.setteehideyangrymad2

LSemmens - 15-4-2015 at 05:27

As USA gets closer to the 2016 election year, US citizens must remember that they cannot trust Hillary Clinton to create American jobs.

The last time Hilary had a meaningful job, she outsourced it to Monica Lewinsky...

And Monica blew it.

marymary100 - 15-4-2015 at 09:59

The problem isn't "meaningful jobs" for wives ( seriously Leigh?) but rather what the POTUS does to the people of the Good Ol' U S of A.