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"We don't have time. . . "
scholar - 29-6-2013 at 12:46

Have you noticed that, when President Obama has a strong desire for something to happen, he always says it is urgent, it must be done immediately, we don't have time, it is an emergency?

There was no time to wait when he wanted the stimulus spending bill passed, in which huge amounts of money were badly spent. His own economic advisors reported afterwards that the small improvement in the economy over that period was LESS than would be expected if the government had done nothing, and President Obama admitted that the "shovel-ready jobs" were "not so shovel-ready."

There was no time to wait when Obama wanted his health care financing bill passed. He promised a bill that was supposed to make health care more affordable, and available to more people. Instead, it drove health care costs up, and large numbers of people have found their employers must drop the health insurance coverage they formerly had because it is too expensive to meet all the new government requirements. Businesses can't grow past 50 employees or they must meet Obamacare requirements for their whole staff. One of their own proponents called it a "train wreck."

After these two disasters, Obama now says there is "no time to wait" for climate change measures that hurt the coal and oil industries.

But, there IS time for

--lots and lots of golf
--spending tens of millions of dollars for the President and his family to enjoy world travel
--lots of parties at the White House with celebrity entertainers

The U.S. would be a lot better off if the President got some experience running a small business, in which he would see the harm from the obstacles of government regulations and taxes.

When Obama says he wants to use the government to help, it is time to be afraid.
scared_stiff scared_stiff scared_stiff

marymary100 - 29-6-2013 at 15:00

You (pl) voted for him. You (pl) thought it would be better to have an inexperienced black man over an experienced white woman.