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To avoid Obamacare costs, local governments are cutting hours, and businesses are cutting back jobs
scholar - 19-6-2013 at 23:22

Here, we read local governments are cutting hours because they cannot afford Obamacare coverage required for full-time workers.

Businesses are holding off hiring workers, or even letting some go, and some are cutting hours, because businesses above a certain size, or working people more than a certain number of hours, are required to provide Obamacare or pay a penalty. Government can pass a law requiring businesses which cannot afford to provide health insurance, provide it, but that doesn't change the reality, any more than passing a law giving people the power of flight would enable them to fly to work by flapping their arms.
Here is an article about the businesses cutting back in advance of the extra Obamacare costs.

The new reality for the lower end of the jobs market will no longer be able to hold a single full-time job, or a job with extra wages for overtime. Instead, he will have to work two jobs of 25-28 hours each (below the Obamacare threshold), and get no higher pay rate for having worked past 40 hours, since the time will be divided between two jobs.