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Remember Mitt Romney called Tesla a "loser"
marymary100 - 2-4-2013 at 21:43

They seem to have taken an upturn

Six months after Mitt Romney called electric auto company Tesla a "loser," Tesla is posting profits, expects to pay back the Dept. of Energy five years ahead of schedule, and won Motor Trend's Car of the Year.

Whereas Mitt...

giron - 3-4-2013 at 21:03

Bear in mind Romney isn't very intelligent, nor are the people that supported him. teacher_mode

scholar - 20-4-2013 at 23:50

I see their cheapest model S car is $69,900. Good for them, if they can sell cars and make money in the Obama economy. Of course, as Waffler has pointed out, the engines become immobile "bricks" if the batteries become totally discharged.

Some of the other electric-car ventures that the Obama administration backed with taxpayer dollars have been losers.

I wonder--would the Tesla model S be selling as well without the $7,500 tax credit? It's unfortunate that the tax law gives this tax break only to people of such wealth as can purchase such an expensive car, while those of us who can only afford used cars must pay higher prices because so many were taken out of the market when the government paid to have them destroyed.

marymary100 - 21-4-2013 at 09:47

The politics of envy...

scholar - 23-4-2013 at 21:57

Originally posted by marymary100
The politics of envy...

The politics of envy says, "Make the rich pay more. Hurt them."
Not I. I say, let them pay the price of the car they buy, the same as I must do.