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scholar - 29-1-2010 at 19:55

Here is an opinion article abut Guantanamo.

The Democrat governor of New York and the Mayor of New York both oppose terrorist trials in New York, as Obama's Attorney General Holder had planned. Mayor Bloomberg says such trials would cost hundreds of millions of dollars, because of the security cost. To put it another way, Holder would enable the terrorists to do hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of economic damage, in addition to what they have already done, just by giving them a criminal trial in the States. Congress may deny the funding necessary to hold the trials there.

A number of the detainees were in the process of being handled in trials before military tribunals, which did not require the extra security expense, but Obama ordered those trials to be stopped.

Blackfive noted, in a blog of his own:

Most people forget that George Bush originally put prisoners of war in GITMO to avoid rendering them back to countries where they would most likely be tortured and killed, or set free.