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John McCains wife Cindy, becomes poster girl
Daz - 22-1-2010 at 01:50

John McCain's wife Cindy becomes poster girl for same-sex marriage

Senator John McCain has been forced to issue a statement clarifying his position on gay marriage after his wife Cindy and daughter Meghan posed for campaign posters.

Hehe. Good job he lost to Obama eh?! Oh the embarrassment. ;)

scholar - 22-1-2010 at 06:00

The Republican Party is known for its diversity. Former Vice-President Cheney favors marriage for homosexuals, and has a lesbian daughter. He made no secret that he disagreed with President Bush on this point. One of the most notable Republicans in the House of Representatives is homosexual.

Nimuae - 22-1-2010 at 12:15

I firmly believe that a person's sexuality is their own business, and should not be dictated by church, politics, employment or anything else. Having said that - I do dislike the current trend of waving it like a flag just to make a statement.

Once when I was recruiting staff I interviewed a young woman who demanded to know "does it matter to you that I am lesbian?" I responded by asking her two questions - "Does it matter to you that I am not?" and "Is it going to affect your work?" As the answer to both was 'no', then her sexuality remained absolutely none of my business.

People are just as diverse as any other species on the planet, a fact that should be respected - not dissected and analyzed at every given opportunity.