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What's wonderful about America
marymary100 - 28-11-2009 at 19:36

I don't know about y'all but I'm pretty sick about the continuous denigration of America on here, particularly from Americans.


In this thread please rise to the challenge of positive posts about your wonderful country.

I'll start you off.

There are really wide open spaces in some States where the scenery is breathtaking.

waffler - 29-11-2009 at 01:27

And the weather is better down here in the South than it is in the UK

scholar - 29-11-2009 at 04:00

Our Constitution stands for freedoms and liberties. It explicitely guarantees several freedoms, and states that the federal goverment may not take for itself powers which the Constitution does not list.

We have farms of great variety and productivity.

We have enough coal, oil, and natural gas to take care of all our needs, if we would fully use them.

We have a variety of climates--with some travel, you are likely to be able to find a pleasant place at any time of the year.

We have a Christian heritage which greatly influenced our laws and culture, for the good. For example, it was mainly Christians who stood against slavery, who established our colleges, who founded our hospitals, who founded and work through charities. I am proud of our generousity as expressed through our charities and private contributions.

We have had great inventors (including many who were born in other lands), and great inventions.

And I am proud of our armed forces, who have fought evil in other countries, and have fought to help other peoples.

LSemmens - 29-11-2009 at 10:49

Thank you Mary!

Americans have been reported to me to be very hospitable in their own homes, certainly, the ex-pats that I know, are.

marymary100 - 29-11-2009 at 11:18

Americans, where I stayed at least, were very neighbourly often having hot tub mixers or BBQs etc.

John_Little - 29-11-2009 at 12:56

I have met some very nice Americans so they can't all be bad.

victor - 30-11-2009 at 01:26

I loved America while I was out there most people we met were friendly and helpful. A bit different to the UK.

waffler - 30-11-2009 at 01:38

The food is great Southern Style Homecooking:)

delanti - 30-11-2009 at 20:26

Originally posted by waffler
The food is great Southern Style Homecooking:)

The food is great Northern style home cooking too.waveysmiley

marymary100 - 30-11-2009 at 20:35

New York strip steak or indeed any Sizzler type steak is fine by me.

delanti - 30-11-2009 at 20:36

I would have to say that on my trip to England I did not run across many sociable people.

People who I approached for help were helpful when asked but otherwise seems to be preoccupied with their their own lives. Similar to the Northerners in the US, they tend to avoid eye contact and care not to initiate conversation. In Hebden Bridge, I sat and watched people for a while. I noticed a gentleman about my age on a bench who seemed to be by himself. I went over to him and started a conversation and talked with him for quite a while. He had lost his wife fairly recently and I think he enjoyed the conversation and companionship for the short time that it was.I think we miss a lot of golden opportunities and enjoyable encounters by not speaking to people just because we do not know them.


marymary100 - 30-11-2009 at 21:08

Americans are more confident about talking to strangers about everything and anything but that is because the education system there is set up to encourage making presentations from an early age in my opinion.