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Victor Meldrew rant
marymary100 - 25-11-2009 at 23:49

There I was, watching Sky News to see what important events were happening around the world - perhaps the Chilcot Inquiry, a war here and there - when all of a sudden we went live to the Whitehouse lawn to see a turkey get a pardon keeping alive the tradition started by - I think - Bush senior. I kid you not! This is what passes for live news in the UK these days. lips_sealed

Have a good Thanksgiving people. waveysmiley

victor - 25-11-2009 at 23:54

Well you wouldn't belieeeve it. :D

waffler - 26-11-2009 at 01:40

come back Victor all is forgiven :)

giron - 26-11-2009 at 19:08

Which one was the turkey? confused2

delanti - 28-11-2009 at 05:06

Was the turkey named Scholar?lips_sealed