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Facebook death threat
marymary100 - 29-9-2009 at 18:28

The US Secret Service is hunting for a Facebook user who posted a poll on the social networking website asking if President Obama should be killed.

The poll offered four possible answers – “yes”, “no”, “maybe” and “If he cuts my healthcare” – and received 730 responses before the authorities were notified and Facebook removed it from its site.

Threatening the President is a crime under federal law and the Secret Service, which is responsible for Mr Obama’s safety, said last month it had seen a 400 per cent surge in death threats against him since the launch of his push for healthcare reform earlier this year. Full article

I wonder if "Rev" Drake will be next to be interviewed about his intentions?

giron - 29-9-2009 at 19:08

Is "Rev" Drake someone that posts here using another name?

Say no more, a nod's as good as a wink. ;)

John_Little - 30-9-2009 at 08:24

Scholar is innocent of any wrongdoings!

Mary2 - 30-9-2009 at 10:04

Him as well?